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The GEQPN was created in 2006 within the Real Sociedad Española de Quimica (Spanish Royal Society of Chemistry) to spark progress in this branch of chemistry. Natural products chemistry has played an important role in the development of chemistry in general and of organic chemistry in particular and must continue to make important headway in the future.

The GEQPN's main objectives are:
  • To foster the development of all aspects of research having to do with natural products chemistry;
  • To oversee quality academic instruction in the area of natural products;
  • To foster the dissemination of scientific results;
  • Contacts and promote agreements with groups like the Spanish Royal Society of Chemistry and with other national and international societies;
  • To facilitate the technological transfer of results.
In line with these objectives, the following scientific lines of research are being conducted:
  • Study of new natural molecules of land and sea origin - bioactivity;
  • Bioassays and analytical techniques for the swift identification of natural products, replication techniques;
  • New extraction and separation methods;
  • Advances in Structural Elucidation, RMN;
  • The biosynthesis of natural products;
  • Ecological chemistry;
  • Biotransformation and biocatalysis;
  • The biotechnological production of natural products;
  • Use of natural products in the synthesis of application compounds;
  • Synthesis of natural products and their derivatives;
  • Sustainability and natural product applications, pharmacological-therapeutic, agriculture, food, perfume industry, etc.



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